Mind Trap Memories

Capturing the images of life


The sand, the surf, the sky and all the wonders at the edge of the ocean.


The incredible variety of our winged friends in many environments.


Sometimes it is hard to believe the shapes and colors possible from nothing more than water vapor.


A collection of the vast rainbow of colorful plants and flowers.


Images that remind us of special times of the year.


Interesting sights from around the world

Land Animals

Unique and not so unique land animals from around the world.


Sights from places on and around the sea.

Ocean Life

The variety of life under the sea rivals all that we see above it.


Images that induce a feeling of where we come from and what we stand for.

Scuba Diving

Strap on a tank and get a view from below.

Sea Turtles

From hatchling to full grown adults, these are amazing wanderers of the open ocean

Sunrise & Sunsets

Get up early or stay up late and see the images painted by the suns coming and going.

United States

The images of this country are as varied as any place on earth.

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